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May 16, 2019


Lactation Cookies 

Tasty and it works!!! 

Scrumptious bakes...and it works for me. Pretty amazed that I was able to pump more the following day. I tried both the soft bake and crunchy texture and couldn't decide which was better. it keeps me full as well. Really recommend to breastfeeding mummies. It's exquisitely packed too. 

Dec 17, 2018

Joey Lee

Lactation Cookies & Lactation Macarons

I love their lactation cookies and chocolate macarons. So good I'm a return customer. Even my Husband loves their bakes. Cheryl is nice and friendly and so easy to deal with. 

Nov 20, 2018


Lactation Cookies 

I have tried other lactation cookies but so far, these taste the closest to normal cookies! Crispy and quite large-sized, doesn't feel dry. Really yummy and they do their job at the next pump session. Thank you for the prompt delivery too! 

Dec 03, 2018

Julia Yee

Lactation Bars & Cookies 

It's gg to be a long testimonial msg. :) 

I am totally impressed by how yummy the Lactation bars and cookies are! The Lactation bars taste like granola bars and more importantly. they are not sweet which makes them yummy healthy snacks that help boost milk supply. I chose both soft bakes and crunchy versions of the cookies and they r extremely yummy! I couldn't stop munching on them cos they r so good. I am definitely going to order more once I finish my cookies and Lactation bars! 

Dec 18, 2018

Huey Luen

Lactation Cookies 

I love these lactation cookies, be it whether soft-baked or crunchy! And the best part is that I can customize my lactation cookies for my favorite toppings which makes me enjoy every single bite of the cookies. 

Nov 04, 2017


Yummy bites!!


By far the best lactation cookies and bars I've ever tried!!!!

Oct 29, 2017

Elaine Woo

Jul 23, 2017


Mummy Product Review_Lactation Cookies & Bars From Cherabite by VannyTelly

Jul 18, 2017


Delicious! Great service!

Delivery was very prompt and very responsive to my messages! I dont usually take oats products, but i found the cookies delicious. The cookies were not dry either! Would recommend :)

Jul 09, 2017


Yummy and Nutritious

It is so nicely packed and freshly baked. This is my first time trying out lactation cookies. Didn't know that it is so yummy.. It is recommended to try it out for those who never try it before. This is a healthy snack which is good for babies when producing milk. Hope you all will love it like I do .

Jun 29, 2017


Lactation bars

Thanks for baking such delicious lactation bars! Even for someone like me who don't fancy nuts and oats, the bars actually tasted very good! Was also able to produce slightly more milk supply within a day of trying the bars. Will definitely buy more to keep this positive feeling going! :) ​

Jun 15, 2017


Highly recommended!

The lactation cookie was really yummy! And I love the idea of being able to customize. Can't wait to try their new lactation bar :) another plus point, the baker is accommodating and nice, and this made the whole experience even better! ​

Apr 16, 2017



Repeated order from cherabite!like their cookies very much,specially chocolate chip favor ! It did help me increase my milk supply after consume,thanks a lot!

Apr 10, 2017



I bought 2 packets of the organic lactation cookies for my friend and she has been purchasing  repeatedly ever since.


Apr 07, 2017


~ A Big Thank You ~

Cher-a-Bite's lactation cookies are my life-saver! It helped to boost my breast milk supply steadily after my supply kicked in during the 1st month of my confinement. I am able to tell the difference during the next pump session. This has helped me a lot in my initial breastfeeding journey to help me increase & stabilise my supply before I return to work. What makes these cookies different from other pre-baked and packaged lactation cookies is that, the bakery allows me to select the ingredients I want for my cookies and even agree to reduce the sugar level to 20% for my cookies. Cher-a-Bite is indeed professional whom never fails to provide a personalised service with quality products!

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