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About Founder

Cheryl is a mother of two kids who were breastfed and she has seen first hand how breastfeeding has benefited her children by giving them better immunity.

During her free time, she enjoys baking cookies, muffins, cakes and the occasional pineapple tarts for her family and friends.

She noticed that some of her friends had difficulty producing breast milk, and started to research on methods to increase their breast milk supply.

She finally found a solution in lactation cookies and started baking and letting her friends sample the cookies, with amazing results! Their breast milk supply increased significantly, allowing them to provide their babies with the best nutrients possible.

The ingredients used for baking are carefully selected and all cookies are baked upon order. Besides being yummy, they are also very nutritious, suitable for both children and adults, female or male. Cheryl's two kids love the cookies too!

Cheryl hopes that you will enjoy the delicious cookies with a range of flavours to suit your taste buds!

Image by Holly Stratton
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